With the rise of online job opportunities, it will only be wise of you to learn how to sell your skills online and grab the digital income too. The online community currently offers a great opportunity for anyone to make money any day and any time and we all know with the situation in the country, a little extra cash is always welcome.

However, if you do not know the tips and tricks on how to survive the online marketplace, you will probably get drowned by the noise going on there.

Well, the good news is that we’ve got a solution to help you survive the overcrowded online marketplace.


What is ubuy.ng?
Ubuy.ng is an online platform that provides opportunities to skilled individuals to showcase their skills and reach more customers.

Sell Your Skills Online, Who is this intended for?

The ubuy.ng platform is for every skilled person. Whatever you are competent at doing and can offer it as a service to others, then you can sign up as a pro on the platform. CLICK HERE to get started. The platform is divided into 14 categories; Home, Wellness, Weddings, Lessons, Pets, Events, Design and Web, Crafts, Legal, Repair/Technical support, Photography, Business, Personal and Writing/Translation/Transcription.

How do you Make Money on it?
You can make from N2000 per task with no upper limit depending on the task you carry out. When a customer posts a task in your area of expertise, you will get notified by ubuy.ng to place a bid for it. If your bid gets chosen by the customer, you as a pro will then negotiate the price for the work to be done directly.

How do I Get Paid?
Customers do not pay directly to Pros. This is to avoid pros not getting the task completed after being paid and customers not paying up when a task has been completed. Customers set up a UPay Milestone account where they deposit the agreed payment for the task. Once the task is completed and both parties are satisfied, the money will be released to the pro.
Note: Ubuy.ng charges a 12% service charge on every digital and business-related task. ( Read More)

With this said, if you are still yet to sign up on the platform hurry now and start selling your skills to the right audience.


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