If you have been wondering when is the perfect time to take a picture, I want to let you know that to get a better picture is hard, especially when you are not a photographer.

Lady taking a close shot of a meal on the table.

Not to worry, I have here 6 tips you need to keep in mind for a great picture, but first, you must know the golden rule.

what is the golden rule?

According to Pixpa, the golden rule is the first hour of light just before sunset is known as the golden rule. The window of the golden hour time is the early hours of morning and evening when the sun is at a low angle.

Golden hour is when the masterpieces are made and that time of the day when all photographers want to go out and play.

Here are our 6 tips:

  • MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH YOUR CAMERA: eye contact is engaging as it is in real life. Try to hold your camera to the eye-level of your subject and if it is a kid, please bend low, it makes photos better and beautiful.
  • USE A PLAIN BACKGROUND: A plain background shows your subject better to the audience, always find a background that doesn’t clash or make your subject look funny.
  • MOVE IN CLOSE: moving close can reveal telling details, but getting too close can make pictures blurry. The closest you should get is three feet.
  • MOVE IT TO FROM THE MIDDLE: although, the center of a camera is a great place to focus, according to kodak, moving the subject to the side makes pictures come alive and live pictures are more captivating, right?
  • WATCH THE LIGHT: photography literally means light, in order to get a great picture you need better lighting. So when taking a picture, try to get better lighting on your subject.
  • TAKE VERTICAL PICTURES: in as much as we take landscape pictures so we can include a large group of people, vertical pictures tend to be the best. It tends to capture the subject in all details.

pictures capture moments that we cherish and remember. we can make collecting memories better as you learn to take better pictures. but why pass through all this stress when you can just call a photographer, right?


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