Water is arguably the most important thing in life. The only thing contesting with water is oxygen, and even that is equivalent in importance to what covers approximately 71 percent of the earth’s surface. We use water for everything, so you have to learn how to tell that your water is bad to drink.

There are so many diseases you can get from taking in bad water. The health effects from ingesting contaminated water include nausea, vomiting, cramps, diarrhea, and other stomach illnesses. To avoid drinking poor water, you have to know how to tell that your water is bad, so, keep a lookout for these warning signs.

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How to tell that your water is bad to drink:

When your water is cloudy: If your home’s tap drinking water is cloudy or foamy, and doesn’t seem to get settled quickly, it’s a sign of the presence of high mineral levels. Although a small number of organic minerals are naturally found in tap water to prevent bacteria, a cloudy appearance is a sign that you should get a tap filter or hire a professional to look at your tap.

When your water smells: Chlorine is used normally to sanitize and clean swimming pools, and most public water treatment facilities add a small, safe amount of chlorine to help kill any bacteria in tap water. However, if the water in your home smells like chlorine or sulfur, it’s not safe for consumption.

The high level of chlorine could also irritate your skin and eyes when bathing, and chlorine-laden water decreases the life of clothes during the wash.

When your water has a noticeable taste: If the tap water in your home tastes bitter or has a metallic taste, you are advised to stop drinking it immediately. This is one of the obvious signs of major contamination, and drinking this kind of water will be reckless and careless on your part.

Your taste buds can tell when something is not right, listen to them because good, clean, drinkable water is not supposed to have a taste.

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When you notice color in your water: Blue-green stains signal a high level of copper in your drinking water. At high exposures, copper can cause anemia, digestion issues, or liver and kidney damage.

Certain home water filtration systems, like reverse osmosis, can help remove this metal from your home’s water supply.

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