As a professional, on, You lose customers daily without even knowing it. So, in this article, you will learn how to update your portfolio.

How do you lose customers?

The answer is simple, customers check your profile to see proof of your previous jobs before accepting your bids for a new task.

Have you ever wondered why most times you bid and you get no response from customers? Well, now you know, we have found out that customers tend to ask for previous tasks completed by you. So, the more task you complete, the higher your ratings, and the more jobs you upload on your portfolio, the greater your chances of getting more jobs.

That’s why we are here to help, as a company we tend to look out for our professionals because we love you guys, and want you to be able to help more people out there solve problems that they have no clue about.

Customers do this to make sure that you are the right PRO they can trust with their tasks. You can update your portfolio using these quick steps:

1) Log on to the website
2) Go to your dashboard
3) Click on the services option
4) Click on the setting icon (on the service you provide)
5) Upload pictures of past jobs/completed tasks.

It’s that easy! Once this is completed, customers can now trust you enough to accept your bids. Don’t stop EARNING with

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