Having an e-commerce store in 2020 needs as much dedication and work as running a physical store.

A well planned Facebook strategy with a good product or service that takes care of the needs of customers can help you achieve grand success in your e-commerce company.
Let us run through some of them.

1. Know the target audience

For you to market your product or service, you need to know what category of people need them; their age, location, job, and tell why exactly your product or service is beneficial to them.

Know your target audience

Facebook’s Audience Insights tool allows you to find important information about your potential customers like gender, education, relationship status, location, language, Facebook usage, and even past purchases to help you have an idea of who they are.

2. Create a Facebook business page

This is the easiest task for you to do. Simply sign up for a business page at Facebook.com/business, select from the available business types. Fill in your company details, add images or your logo, a cover photo, and a profile picture, the same way you set up your Facebook page.

Create a Facebook business page

Next, you put a short description of your business with information that will attract your potential customers. You’ll also create a username that will allow customers to reach you via Facebook Messenger. Add your location, and make your first post.

3. Sell your products On Facebook

You can sell your products directly on Facebook by adding a shop to your Facebook page so that customers can also make purchases. Just click the “Shop” tab on your Facebook Page which will take you to the Commerce Manager’s “Sell on Facebook” page. This tool lets you link business accounts, set preferences for shipping and returns, and create payouts.

Sell your products via Facebook shop

Third-party platforms like BigCommerce, ChannelAdvisor, CommerceHub, Quipt, ShipStation, Shopify, or Zentail can be used with your Facebook shop. If you have already subscribed to a third-party platform, set up a shop on your Facebook Page automatically for the products from your third-party platform to show in your Facebook shop.

4. Use Good Visuals

Your e-commerce design should be professional and catchy in order to attract customers. Make use of expert photography and videos alongside articles and testimonials about your products.

It is also important to use Facebook Live posts, real-time video broadcasts that can automatically link your company with your potential customers. Give customers and observers the chance to create and showcase images and videos.

Use good visuals

Videos are premium content for Facebook and they could account for more than 80% of all internet traffic by 2020, video content on Facebook gets 135% higher engagement than images.

5. Stick to a posting schedule

Strictly adhere to a posting schedule so your target audience can predict when exactly your post will come on so they can be actively engaged and your markets can be expanded.

Stick to a posting schedule

Facebook Insights can help you choose the best times for your business to upload content. Always ensure your posts are consistent and filled with interesting variety to help for content success.

6. Announce and promote your products

Reach out to your target audience and share promotional messages with clear calls to action that suggest specific actions.

Announce and promote your products

Facebook for business can be used to build meaningful relationships between you and your audience if your business and brand give enough value, making your audience interested in learning about your products and services through your posts.

Engage with customers

Share your customers social medi posts to give a sense of belonging, friendship, and togetherness which will ultimately endear them to your business or brand.

Engage with customers

To generate buzz and traffic to your page, you can promote giveaways and offer freebies as a PR campaign.


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