HOW to use social media to announce a product can be a little bit unsettling, why?

Could it be because you don’t know how your audience will receive it, or maybe you are scared of the possibility of making no sales, if the product’s visibility will match your expectations, sometimes, you wonder if you will even have an audience at all?

This blog post will teach you how to use social media to announce a new product or service.

 How to use social media announce your product or service effectively will be highlighted shortly, but before we look into that, it is best for you to understand that more companies and entrepreneurs have gone digital these days, so we don’t advise you to be left behind.

Smartphone and social media concept

Social media has become an important tool where showcasing your product or service is a must-do and a good enough reason to consider; Here are steps on how you can announce your new product or service.

Research your target audience: Who are your target audience? What Networks are these individuals dominant on? What demographic details align with what social media platform? What techniques are your competitors using, (always remember, your competitors are not your enemy) The earlier you have actual answers to these questions, the faster you can proceed to announce your new product or line and vice versa.

Responses from these conducted polls and questions will further help in enhancing the choice of products or services you plan to put out.

Creation of hashtags: You can come up with a catchy hashtag to induce anticipation. Although, there is always a trending hashtag (s) you can also use it to further by creating engagements around this by adding a call to action to increase visibility.

Promotional videos: video clips of the product or service can be made and shared across social media platforms, behind scenes videos.  Videos have proven to pique the interest of Individuals, especially on Facebook and Instagram. It keeps them curious. Try not to reveal too much, the goal is to make them anticipate.

Liaise with popular, or influential users in your niche: As I stated earlier, your competitors are not necessarily your enemies, build relationships with them and have them put in a good word about your product. I hope you get rid of your cold feet; social media have made access to people easier, I urge you to leverage it!



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