A pitch deck is a literally a story of your product; how you started, how far you have come and what you need to go further and you know what happens to boring or non-attention grabbing stories…they get tossed out or ignored.

Now formally, what is a pitch deck? A pitch deck is a simple presentation, usually made using PowerPoint, Keynote, Google slides and any other presentation template software to provide your target audience; potential investors, partners, co-founders and even customers with an overview of your business plan.

Pitch decks are mostly used by startups and a pitch deck can make or break a startup. The latter part of my previous statement was not made to scare you off the task you are faced with because you are probably here because you need to come up with a pitch deck for your business or the organization you work for.

Great news! As a pitch deck expert, I will share with you how to write the perfect pitch deck copy that grabs the attention of your target audience.


Firstly, you should know a great pitch deck should range from 10 – 15 slides. It should not surpass 15 slides or else, it becomes too long and you begin to lose the attention of your audience or divulge trade secrets.

Next tip, your pitch deck should have great images and infographics about your business/brand/product.

Your pitch deck must answer these three key questions;  

  • Why should anyone care about my idea?
  • What is the solution I am proffering and why will it work?
  • Would investing in it be worth it?


  1. Introduction – This is where you introduce your business, what you do and what you intend with this pitch deck. Keep it simple and interesting.
  2. Problem – What is the problem you are trying to solve?
  3. Solution – How do you plan on solving this problem
  4. Product/ Service and How it works – Describe your product or service and how it will function
  5. Competitive Advantage – What is the edge you have over other businesses in your space doing the same or almost the same thing as you are?
  6. Traction – What growth have you attained since the commencement of your business?
  7. The competition – What are the alternative solutions your audience are currently using to solve to the problem?
  8. Target Market/Opportunities – Talk about the size of your market. Your target audience
  9. Business Model – This is basically how your business will make money.
  10. The Ask – How much do you need or what kind of investment/partnership are you looking for and how you plan on using it.
  11. The Team – Talk briefly about the people behind the business and what roles they play
  12. Contact Details – Give all the necessary contact information about your business including your social media handles.

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