An online review is a comment or statement written or said about a product or service. That being said, you may wonder why it’s necessary to leave an online review after using a product or experiencing a service.

Let’s look at the importance of leaving an online review;

Prevent Online Scam – While there are lots of advantages and benefits of the internet, there are also lots of disadvantages. One of them is getting scammed online. Leaving an online review prevents the next person from falling victim of such scams.

Help Good Businesses Sell More – After experiencing a great product or service, you try to give an extra tip or pay extra. Well, you can do something even better by leaving a great review. That positive review will be more valuable to that business even in years to come. Great reviews equal more sales as 72% of customers take action after reading positive reviews.

Encourage a Vendor or Brand – Brands face day to day challenges and sometimes need reassurance from their customers. That appreciation post or review can help such brand know they are on the right track. Reading positive feedback and reviews from customers make them even put more efforts into giving out great products and services.

Make Your Opinions Heard – If you have ever patronized a vendor and felt that the product or service could be better if they used x or y formula, you can leave a review stating what you think they could do differently. Giving out these tips will help such brands realize what they have been missing and help them restrategize to offer better products or services.

Helping Other Buyers Decide Fast – You know what you went through before you found the right product or service to cater for your need. Help others who are in need of the same solution as you make better choices. Nowadays buyers just search around for highly recommended products or services to make their choice. People scout the internet in search for how best to make use of a service or product by dropping a review, you help in educating a potential customer. You can leave a review after you have tried a product, letting others know how you consumed such product that worked best for you. For example, you’ve used a particular pro’s service on, you can drop a review for the pro to help build trust for the pro.

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