It is no news that running a business can be overwhelming sometimes. It requires a lot of energy and dedication and at some point, some assistance is required. Since freelancing and working remotely are becoming increasingly popular for both the company and the independent talent, hiring the right freelancer can be a big help and valuable asset to your company and guess what? You wouldn’t have to incur the entire financial burden that comes with being an employer.

Hiring the right freelancer for your business is not a task you ought to take lightly, particularly because chances are that you may never meet them physically.

We have 5 things we consider important for you to note before bringing a freelancer on board for your business or projects;

  1. Ratings and Reviews: Before choosing a freelancer to work with, be sure to check their recent and not so recent reviews and ratings. Take note of all the positive and negative feedbacks as they are most likely going to be a reflection of their quality of work and professionalism.
  2. Skill Set and Core Competences; Get to know your candidates, ask them what influenced the field that they are in today and pay attention to how they talk about their journey and the passion they have for the job. These will reveal a lot more about what they are capable of.

Along with basic competencies, your candidates’ level of experience is really important. The more experienced a freelancer is, the more value they can add to your business.

  • Attitude and Values; The attitude and values of a person are what make them who they are. When searching for the right candidate, it is important to ensure they have the right attitude for the job and their values align with yours and that of your business.

You can ask how they handle different situations or ask about prior job experiences that are similar to yours. This gives you ideas regarding their manner of behavior.

  • A solid portfolio; as a freelancer, the most effective tool you have is a well maintained and detailed portfolio. It shows that you have been able to provide satisfactory services to other clients and are regarded as a capable professional.

A portfolio is important because without it, you as a client have no way of vetting and verifying all the prior experiences and skills your candidate claims to have.

Also, in some ways, a portfolio shows you how the candidate was able to solve other clients’ problems. This will help build your trust in the said candidate.

  • Good communication skill/style; Since you and the freelancer being hired may never meet in person, it is important you make sure the both of you are able to communicate effectively with one another and agree upon a communication style that serves you both.

Communication here is not restricted to your ability to speak and understand English. We are referring to how you both ensure you keep in touch throughout the course of the project; how often he/she is available for meetings or quick chats about the project, how long response times are going to take. All these need to be addressed and determined to ensure the success of the project and business.

Some bonus points I will like to add are;

  1. Number of referrals; although this is not a strict rule to follow, the number of times a freelancer has been referred by someone has a lot to say about his/her work (ethic).
Refer a friend concept. Referral program, referral marketing, referring friends. Vector illustration

A freelancer getting referred so many times goes to say that not only did he/she work with this client, they did it so well that someone is willing to vouch for them. Now imagine hiring such a person for your project.

  • Number of repeat clients; Similar to the previous tip, the number of repeat clients a freelancer has is a good indicator of whether or not their previous projects were successful and how successful they were.

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