The debate topic that is inevitable to any foodie in Nigeria today is the most frequently asked question; What is the difference between small chops and snacks? Are small chops snacks? Are they different types of the same food group? or are small chops smaller sizes of snacks?

For something that is consumed a whole lot, most Nigerians can no longer tell the difference between small chops and snacks. I’ll help you, but first of all, let’s clarify the terms of definition because this is where the mystery builds momentum.

What are small chops?  Small chops are the classic Nigerian snacks made into small bites that have become highly dignified for their addictive nature.

Spring rolls

Examples of small chops include in no particular order include sausage rolls, samosa, meat pie, spring rolls, chin chin, and puff puff, etc.


To be honest, if you don’t have small chops at your event, no matter how small, it means you are depriving your guests the opportunity of exercising their jaws before the main meal comes, and as a Nigerian, that’s not polite because we love appetizers, don’t take that away from us, please!

Although, the likes of Asun, which are small bits of mutton, garnished with peppered sauce for taste, suya, which by the way is meat kebab, and gizzard,( I don’t want to explain that, I just urge you to taste it ), have all been added to the list of small chops, although, people are yet to understand what this concept really means.

Snacks, on the other hand, consist of a whole lot of varieties. Apparently, the snack category is so large, and so we know, a snack is any small amount of food eaten between meals. Snacks come in a variety of forms, as I earlier stated, and it includes, but not entirely, packaged foods as well as items made from fresh ingredients at home.

Homemade Sweet Cake Donuts Ready to Eat

Snack foods are typically designed to be portable, quick, and satisfying.  They can also be called convenience food, and are prepared to be less perishable, more durable, and more portable than the actual prepared food.

They contain a substantial amount of sweeteners, preservatives, and sometimes specially-designed flavors. What this means is; small chops are still snacks but have been nicknamed ‘Small chops’ for their size, and portability!

Trust Nigerians to find a catchy name for everything. Well, there you have it, whether its small chops or snacks, we sure love the taste in our mouths.

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