Ubuy services has a new category called the Beauty Category and today we are talking about skincare. We treat our skin like it’s supposed to be healthy no matter what we do to it, forgetting that our skin is the largest organ and our first line of defense. Regular and effective skincare will keep your skin hydrated, glowing, and healthy which automatically means overall healthy YOU!

Let's talk about skincare

Healthy and quality skin requires a routine. No! your skincare routine doesn’t have to be a 10 step routine (that’s a lot. I know), all you need are 3 major components; cleanse, protect and moisturize.

I know what the word routine sounds like, but it is really not that hard, all you have to do is select a few products to use twice a day and be consistent with them. But, if you have the time and resources for the 10 step routine I mentioned earlier, then by all means. Your morning routine should be focused on protecting and preventing for the day while your night routine should focus on cleaning and healing from the day.

Now let’s talk about some skincare must-haves;

Cleanser; make use of a cleanser that was made specifically made for the face and not just some random one that you use all over your body. Face cleansers help to remove dirt and dead skin cells. They are softer on your face and leave your skin hydrated, smoother, and softer.

Toner; applying toners help the skin to retain moisture. They hydrate, replenish, and retains your skin’s nutrients. There are so many different toners that can easily fit into your routine.

Moisturizer; every time you wash your face, you should apply a moisturizer. Moisturizers work well when applied to slightly wet skin as they will help to lock in moisture.

Sunscreen; not only does too much exposure to the sun cause uneven skin tone, but it can also cause skin cancer. So, do not forget to use sunscreen every single day. And even if your daily moisturizer has sunscreen, it does not hurt to double up.

Exfoliant; an exfoliant can either be physical or chemical, either one you choose to make use of, your skin should be exfoliated 2-3 times weekly. Exfoliation helps shed off dead skin cells, makes your skin smoother and your pores clearer.

Serum or facial oil; face oils and serums are packed with so many nutrients and vitamins that benefit your skin in more ways than 1. You can choose to use either one of them or chose the two, it all depends on the kind of routine you have.

Before deciding what your skincare routine is going to be, it is important to know your skin type as different skin types require different products.

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