How to make a good animation video is a good question to ask as a beginner to animation. Another great question to ask is, where can I get tips from?

You should, first of all, know that there are different types of animation videos, and the internet has dozens of apps that a beginner can use to test his hand at making videos.

In this article, however, are the tips to show you how to make a good animation video.

make animation videos at
Make Animation videos at
  • Draft your synopsis: A synopsis is like a summary of the video you are about to create. Most animated videos tell stories. They have a storyline, a script, and how they are planned to engage and communicate. Writing a synopsis is the first step you need to take before you start making your animated video. (Find quality writers, HERE)
  • Select animation style/scenes: As I said earlier, there are different types of animation videos, so on this note, you should make up your mind after creating your video slide, on which animation style you want to use to deliver your message, decide on the scenes that suit your story perfectly and then we are halfway done.
Make good animation videos on
You can make Animation videos at
  • Editing: After you have picked your scenes, and music, if you prefer a song to a voice-over, it is still okay, but you now have to edit the video and make sure everything moves in a unified manner. Make sure the voice is in line with the timing of the slides and the music, ( If that is what you prefer), match with the rest of the video.
  • Show your story: Having done all this, double-check to make sure everything is in order, from the script, to slide, to music or voice, make sure everything passes the main message you want to show your audience. If all is set, then show your story to the world!

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