Now that you know the mistakes you should avoid when doing your makeup, I feel the time is right to acquaint you with the makeup tools you need to be a successful makeup artist.

If you are reading this article, you want to learn the art of makeup. That is if you are not already a professional who wants to learn more about the craft. Either way, this article contains some of the tools needed to be a successful makeup artist.

Before you continue, you should know that the tools are more than a few, but they are generally divided into three main parts: Face brushes, Brushes for the eye area, and lip brushes.

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Tools you need to be a successful makeup artist

  1. Powder Brush
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The powder brush is used to gently dust domestic products across the face.

How to use: Dip the brush into powdered products and swirl across the face for equal and thorough coverage. The best way to achieve perfection with the powder brush is by making sure you start from the middle of the face and gently spread across other areas.

2) Contour Brush

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The contour brush is used to ensure that the cheekbones are structured in a unified and angular form. And no, I am not talking about maths, it’s about the makeup. The first step to great makeup is investing in a good contour brush that is well angled and not flat.

How to get a well-contoured look: ake show you use a dark shade that will serve as a shadow to contact the highlight of the makeup. Make sure you minimize application on your forehead and try your best to trace the area perfectly so as to leave no spots close to your hairline. You can pout, so you can get those angles under your cheekbones.

Before you blend everything together, use the brush to slim around the chin and make sure the jawbone is equal on both sides.

There are other facial brushes like the Kabuki brush, Stippling brush, fan brush, and so on.

3) Brow Brush

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This is used for taming and styling your brows. Most brow brushes come double-sided bearing a brush and also a comb-like structure.

How to use: Comb the brows to get a straightened shape then proceed to apply brow products, using short strokes to achieve a point at the end. Do not try to force the brows to an unnatural shape, maintain natural shape always.

4) Mascara wand/spoolie

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Just as the wand is used by fairies as a channel through which fairies excel their magic, the mascara wand is a handy tool everyone should have. They help separate and \define each lash. you can even create an alluring touch to your brows by using the eyelash curler before using the wand to tame unruly eyebrows.

Another great tool you can use is the lip brush and the lip liner.

being a makeup artist is serious business. People put their looks in your hands, it is up to you to do a professional job and to achieve that you need a professional kit. Now that you know the tools you need to be a successful makeup artist, all you need now is practice and consistency.

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