If you are having a party, especially if you want to have a party that will thrill your audience, then you need this article. That is why I made this article for you to know the meals to serve at a Nigerian event.

It gets confusing when you are having a large number of guests coming for your party, and you get caught in the web of what to give. That is a very tricky situation to be in, isn’t that why we hire caterers?

So now, how do we know the best meals to serve at a Nigerian event? We know people have different choices that match their personalities, but you can agree with me that there are some generally accepted favorites that unify a people, and Nigerians sure have some meals that have made the A-list for almost every party if not all. I hope you are ready.

  1. Small chops: Small chops are and should never be missing in any event or party. It is so important that even n gatherings that are not so formal, small chops are still served, ask me which? The simplest of meetings serve at least garden eggs and groundnuts. I am beginning to conclude that it is an African culture to ensure that any visitor who they come across is giving something to eat, no matter how small it is.

This small lecture on the foundation of small chops in our history is undeniably one of the reasons that small chops will never leave any list that talks about the meals to serve at a Nigerian party. Small chops are those little things that exercise our mouths as we wait patiently for the big boys. You want a concrete list, check here.

2. Jollof rice: If you are a true Nigerian, you will understand that Nigerians do not joke with the jollof rice they serve at parties, jollof rice, or party Jollof is surprisingly sweeter, and no, nobody knows why, but what is an established fact is that there most be Jollof in the party. A party never seems complete without rice.

3. Pounded Yam and Egusi: Pounded yam is an alternative to jollof rice. Mind you, there are so many other foods that can still serve the same function as pounded yam, but pounded yam is the ceremonial food for African events. Egusi likewise is a delicacy that has become a generally accepted dish. All tribes can accept it, so it is safe to say this combination one of the perfect meals to serve at a Nigerian party.

It’s also a great option, by the way, you should try it.

4. Fried rice: Fried rice is an alternative to the jollof rice. most people even combine both, and if there’s a salad, more for them. What makes fried rice exciting is the veggies, such as, carrots, corn, green beans, and peas, that are cooked with this rice makes it a true African wonder that you must have at your party.

For drinks, you could have alcoholic and non-alcholic so everyone can be well accounted for. With all that said, or written, I would like to ask for an automatic invite to the next party you plan to have. I think I deserve it, Judging from the fact that I took time to share this article that contains the meals to serve at a Nigerian party.

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