There are many tips on building self-motivation. I bet you must know some already, but some days you still feel down, and you even forget these tips, not because you don’t know them, but practicing is hard.

This is an article to remind you, again, that it’s not completely your fault, but you can do better, by continuously building your self-motivation.

Your next logical question is, how? That is exactly why I am making this article, consider this free therapy. There are various tips on building your self-motivation, and there are all valid, but you can’t possibly hold all those knowledge to heart, that’s why this article focuses on only the important tips.

Therapy and counseling professionals available on
Therapy and counseling professionals available on Here

There are three types of motivation: Extrinsic, Intrinsic, and some might add family. Its important also to know this before you go any further.

Extrinsic: This is when an individual is motivated by external gains and rewards, like money, benefits, etc. While Intrinsic motivation is when an individual is motivated by internal rewards, like a feeling of fulfillment from achieve goals, chasing purpose, even starting a business, etc.

There are so many reasons we would want to stay motivated, and no matter how much you try to avaiod the subject, motivation can wear out. It is your responsibility to make sure you are self motivated at all times so that you can achieve your set goals.

Tips on staying self-motivated:

Discover your strengths : it’s hard to focus on so many things and still achieve a motivated mindset. you should achieve clarity. Try to define your strengths, simply your passions to a realizable standard, it will relieve you of the pressure, and help simplify your vision.

Break long term goals into short term goals: Set goals that would not wear you down. You can break your long term goals. you can learn how to do that if you don’t know to, believe me, you achieve more this way.

Surround yourself with supportive people: Your friends and the people you surround yourself with go a long way to affect your mental health. You should be cautious of who you you put around your inner circle. There should be a criteria to who you allow to your necessary circle.

  • Do they support your visions? Are they toxic? Do they give you reliable counsel? Do they challenge you to grow mentally? You need all the help you need if you want to stay motivated and ready to face the world with the right state of mind.
Therapists and counseling available at

Celebrate your small wins too: Just as you should set short-term goals, you should also celebrate all the progress you make on your journey. This helps you to boost your self-confidence and help you stay self-motivated. All wins matter, acknowledge that you are trying your best also, try not to frequently compare yourself to others.

Always remember, the only competition that you have is the person you were yesterday, and your daily focus should be to make yourself better.

You can find professionals to talk with about you mental health and wellness. Get active about taking care of yourself, let’s help you take the leap. Find wellness professionals here.

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