Freelancing is not easy, this is so many people fail to understand. When you stop seeing freelancers as an opportunity to leave on your own terms, you will see the mistakes freelancers make.

You become open to the fact that freelancers don’t just wake up, sip tea, and play with laptops all day. No, there’s more to that than what you or most people think.

Therefore, with all this said, if you are thinking about becoming a freelancer, here are some mistakes freelancers make. So, you, too, will not repeat them.

Some mistakes Freelancers make.

You want to be first of all be sure that freelancing is what you want to do.

If you are only looking at the free time you can have as a freelancer, you may be about to make a mistake.

You should be sure about your decision to be a freelancer. When you are convinced that it is something you would like to do, then you will know you are fully ready for this journey.

mistakes to avoid as a freelancer at

Know your specialty: Know your interests and build a customer base and try not to get carried away with the money.

You can get started by building connections with freelancers that have started in the industry before you. There’s a lot of information you can get from them.

You can start by asking, how they find clients? How much to charge? What people should you target when marketing online? 

Putting your eggs in one basket: You should always know that the freelance business has its ups and downs.

Hence, it is advisable to either have more than one source of income or at least, a fallback option to depend on.

Especially in Nigeria where the freelance business isn’t all that accepted. You have to have something that gives you the security of a steady paycheck.

Moreover, before you start freelancing, you should have enough money saved up to get by until you have a steady pool of clients.

Not having a contract:  Your protection as a freelancer is important. Having your contract signed before you take up a new job is important, here is why.

Your contract will put your mind at ease as your clients will be able to take advantage of you once a legal document has been signed. 

It can protect you from clients who could potentially cheat you of money or those who pile up work after you have agreed to a project.

You should create a template that can be used each time you work for a new client. Get help from a lawyer if it is too much work for you.


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