Ubuy Nigeria is introducing her payment service Fee. For continuous success of Ubuy Nigeria and to enable us to serve you better.

What is the Ubuy Nigeria Payment Service Fee?

12% Ubuy Nigeria Service Fee

When you post a task, pros in the related field of the task will place bids for your task. Before hiring a pro, negotiate in-app and reach an agreement of the price you will pay the pro for the task. This price is inclusive of the 10% Ubuy Nigeria service fee.
9.5% is the service charge billed to the pro for emails, texts and other forms of notification.
2.5% is the UPay Milestone charge. This is the third-party payment system that holds and regulates the release of payment to pros once a customer is satisfied with the work.

How do I Pay my Pro?

Ubuy Nigeria is operating a cash-free platform so there will be no need for cash to change hands. After hiring a pro and agreeing on the price to be paid, customers will be required to send the money to the escrow account that will later release the fund to the pro once the task is completed and marked satisfactory.

Escrow accepts all major credit and debit cards.

How do I receive Payment as a Pro?

Whatever fee you agree with the customer will be paid into the escrow account before the commencement of any work. Neither you as a pro nor the customer will have access to the money until the customer is satisfied with the job. If there be any disagreement during the course of work that will hinder the customer marking your work satisfactory. Open a DISPUTE on your profile and Ubuy Nigeria will immediately intervene to resolve this.


For users’ security and confidentiality, we ask users to refrain from violating any of the Ubuy rules in any form.

  • Pros are not allowed to exchange any form of contact details (Emails, Phone Numbers, Websites, Meet up points, Contact, etc) in their bids as this will be marked as a red flag and your bid will be placed under review. Your bid will not be shown to the customer.
  • When placing a bid, use only numbers. No alphabets or Symbols (#$*%+^_)
  • Upon registration, all pros are awarded a reputation rank of 100% which will enable their profile stand out. If a pro violates any of the platform’s rules, the pros reputation rank will be deducted and this will affect the pro’s profile.
  • If you engage in any transaction outside the Ubuy Nigeria platform, be aware that you are no more protected by Ubuy Nigeria and every transaction you make is at your own risk.

Worthy of Note

  • Pros can now edit their bids. If you have mistakenly imputed the wrong amount or would like to update your bid, you can now edit your bid from your profile.
  • Pros can now add the duration of a project. i.e. how long it will take the pro to get the work done. It is mandatory that you add the duration need to complete your task as this will facilitate when you get paid.  If you do not add the duration, the customer can add the duration or a default 15 Days duration would be added.

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