Your home’s house much more than you know, both the visible and the invisible, both your families, and much more.

Your house can be a source of shelter for your friends, extended family, colleagues, and even pests!

Yes! you heard right, pests! You can account for what you see, but what about the inhabitants that hide from you?

This article contains the pests that are hiding in your house, and how you can control, or get rid of them.

Quality pest control services in Nigeria at
Quality pest control services in Nigeria at
  • Cockroaches: These brown-skinned, creepy, and super-annoying pests that crawl past you with an incredible speed have zero regards for personal space. Asides from this rude behavior, they almost seem to enjoy inhabiting the oddest of places, like the holes in your gas burner, dirty dishes in the kitchen sink, the cupboard where you keep your plates and food supplies, pots, even drainages.

Although there are traditional ways to control a cockroach infestation, cockroaches have proven to be very unique, and it will take full fumigation to get them out completely.

Quality pest control services in Nigeria
Quality pest control services in Nigeria
  • Houseflies: Flies go everywhere, hovering around and creating a nuisance, which makes them very hard to tolerate. Thes are not pests you want into your house if there are not there already. Houseflies are attracted primarily to stinky stuff like garbage, feces, and dead things, even the scent of human food. You must be wondering why then they follow humans, right? it is because your body excretes dead skin cells, oil, and salt, flies find them delicious.

Flies, just like any other pest can be controlled using traditional methods and if you want to know some cool fun facts about flies, you can click here.

Quality pest control services in Nigerian at
Quality pest control services at
  • Ants: You would wonder why ants are called pests, I mean those critters are not only teachers, farmers, and even environmentalists, they are also famous for their diligence to work, then why are they called pests?

Of course, you know that they are over 12,000 species of ants, right? Good.

Few of those ants cause damage to plants in the landscape, and some act as a nuisance in and around the home, therefore, we can call ants pests. Even if they don’t really disturb humans, they can bite, or mess up your kitchen, we don’t want for that to happen, do we?

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