I know you care a lot about your dog, who doesn’t? Here is a list of the best dog food because we provide the best pet services available in Nigeria. We care as much as you.

You want to raise a healthy and strong dog, feeding is key, no other factor encourages growth and development like good dog food.

Most dog foods consist of similar ingredients, that’s why to come up with a list of the best dog is even hard not just for pet owners, but also, people who provide pet services.

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See who’s hungry.

I ought to let you know that although dogs seem omnivorous, they also have some carnivorous traits.

The trojanpost consulted experts veterinarians, nutritionists, and pet food scientists with many years of experience in the dog food industry to help in sifting out dog food with fillers and additives from the best dog food in Nigeria.

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  • Bavaro: This dog’s particular dog food with no additives, preservation, sugar, soy, or even genetically modified raw materials is ideal for working dogs.

This dog food brand is known for its excellent quality products suitable for herding, guarding, hunting and all types of working dogs.

The price for this brand on Jumia is about NGN 25,600.

JOSERA: Josera is a premium dog food brand made in Germany. The expertise and experience gained from over 75 years of production to create an outstanding dog food with excellent digestibility and great taste.

The least price for the Josera brand is NGN18,000 – 30,000.

ROYAL CANIN: This is the best for dogs of different breeds, health requirements, exercise level, and age. This is the dog food that answers the, what can I feed any breed question.

Royal Canin medium adult is dry dog food in Nigeria that is suitable for dogs aged between 12 months to 10 years with a bodyweight of 11-25kg. You know these young dogs need the best pet services they can get.

The price for this starts from NGN 15,000.

maintain a steady diet with your dog. Know which food works better, and avoid the urge to try different brands with your pet. If you are in search of Pet services to help you look after that beloved mutt of yours, visit Ubuy.ng


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