According to the, the question,‘ How do I know the human age equivalence of my dog’s age? ‘ is one question everyone wants to know. It is important to note that pet trainers, veterinarians, even individuals, have believed that a year in a dog’s life equals seven human years.

However, it is not fully supported by scientists, who somehow choose to differ. Some say different breeds age differently with smaller dogs living longer than larger dogs.

The AVMA says, cats and small dogs are generally considered as seniors at seven years of age, while larger breed dogs tend to have shorter life spans compared to smaller breeds, and are often seniors at the age of five to six years of age.

Why do small dogs live longer than larger ones?

Large dogs usually age at an accelerated pace and their lives seem to unwind in fast motion, scientists concluded that every 4.4 pounds of body mass reduce a dog’s life expectancy by about a month. The reason why is still unknown.

Larger dogs may succumb to age-related illnesses sooner and that the accelerated growth of large dogs may lead to a higher likelihood of abnormal cell growth and death from cancer.

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A handy short cut is to remember for individuals and pet trainers, according to, is that the first dog year counts for 31 human years.

Then, every time the dog’s chronological age doubles after that, the number of equivalent human years increases by 11. So eight calendar years represent three “doublings” (from one to two, two to four, and then four to eight) giving a dog age equivalent of 64 (that’s 31 + 3×11).

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The dog to human years debate has been on for a while, and honestly, science will continue to do more research and conduct findings on how to solve the puzzle. The least any pet owner can do, however, is to make sure their beloved pets are well taken care of, that is where we come in.

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