Christmas is one of the best times to have fun, you don’t have to worry about not having enough money or not wanting to spend lots of cash on great places to chill. I’m here to guide you on how to have the best fun this Christmas on a low budget. We’ve got amazing sports in Nigeria suitable for get-togethers or family vacation on a very low budget like Gardens, Beaches, Parks, Zoos, Water parks, Mountains, etc.

Here are top places in Nigeria you visit and create lots of fun memories with family and friends on a low budget this Christmas


Lekki Leisure Lake is located along the Lekki peninsular in Lagos overlooking the Atlantic ocean. It is the best place to have fun with family, friends and loved ones. It’s also suitable for both children and adults. The resort has a lot of fun-packed activities like the quad bike, jet skiing, pedal boat, pontoon boat, wave boat etc. The resort has a lot of affordable and delicious food and drinks vendors, Lekki Leisure Lake is open from 12:00noon to 9:00PM with an affordable gate fee of N1000 for adults and N500 for children.


Millennium Park is located in Maitama in the country’s Federal Capital. It has a beautiful walkway with glimmering green grass and a refreshing fountain. It was conceived and designed by an Italian architect called Manfredi Nicoletti, it is the largest public park in Abuja. This is another beautiful place for a picnic with friends and family this Christmas. Why don’t you cook your Christmas food, invite family and friends to meet you at the park and enjoy all the beautiful memories together? Millennium Park is open every day from 7:00AM to 8:00PM, with free access for everyone.


Tinapa Resort is located in Calabar, Cross River State of Nigeria, it has a quiet and peaceful environment, and it’s a great place to visit this Christmas to have undiluted fun. At Tinapa Resort, there is something for everyone and when you have decided to visit the famous Tinapa Resort, don’t forget to enjoy the annual Calabar carnival too. Tinapa free zone has a cinema, casino, arcades, restaurant and clubs too.


Idanre Hills is located in Idanre town of Ondo State, Nigeria, with one of the most beautiful and natural landscape. A visit to this place is a good idea for the Christmas holiday with friends and family because it’s budget-friendly with a lot of cultural history. It takes about 660 steps to climb the hill and three to five hours to explore the place, this calculation may vary depending on how fast or slow you are climbing. At the top of the hill, you will find a stream, a school, old settlement and ruins of a palace. You will also find the historic stones that were carried by men to chest level to know if they are eligible to marry a wife. With side attractions like the Agboogun footprint, the mythical footprint that can fit into the size of anyone who puts their leg in it no matter the size of their foot. Gate fee is N1000 per person and don’t forget to carry a bottle of water, snack, face towel and cash to get more drinks just in case.


It’s a beautiful beach located in the city of Lagos around the peninsular with a beautiful landscape and nice beach huts. The beach is family-friendly with sand dappled water and sand, you can enjoy games and fun activities like horse rides, kayaking with friends. Also, you can get a taste of the tropical life by enjoying the coconut drink right from the husk from the hawkers for as low as N1000, you can buy fresh-caught fish from the ocean and it will be prepared right in front of you.


National Children Park & Zoo is located in Asokoro, Abuja. It has a physical playground and activities for children. The zoo has wildlife and domestic animals. It allows children to get up close to some of the most amazing animals like lion, crocodiles, monkeys, ostriches, parrot, tortoises and giraffe etc.  The massive playground allows kids to have fun with different engaging activities. Spending Christmas here with family and loved ones create a very strong bond and memories that can last a lifetime. Gate fee is N500 per person and opens 8AM to 6PM.   

If your location is not close to any of this area, that doesn’t mean there are no fun and amazing places in your state. You can also try visiting an old friend or family member. Don’t forget to go with a small gift.  #SpreadtheCheer


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