Over the years, we have seen the progress of SMS (Short Message Service) form of texting. It has become one of the most interacting features that every phone has. You don’t have to have a Smartphone or a complex phone to receive an SMS. This makes it very easy and effective in reaching out to people just like you our ubuy.ng user (Customer and Pro).

How The Ubuy Nigeria SMS Notification Works

When you are signed up on www.ubuy.ng either as a customer or pro, you get an SMS notification anytime a bid is being placed on your task or anytime you your bid is being replied. This SMS notification comes with a link redirecting you back to your profile to view the bid or the response of your potential customer. This makes it easier for customers and pros to keep in touch easier even when offline.

Benefits Of The Ubuy Nigeria SMS Notification

  • Keeps you up to date on the activities on your Ubuy Nigeria profile even while offline
  • Increases connection rate leading to getting jobs done faster
  • Reduces the chances of not getting hired by your potential customer because you couldn’t reply your bid on time.
  • It saves time
  • Reliability – With the SMS Notification, you get to reply your messages on time and this gives you of as reliable to get the task done on time.

Worthy of Note

No SMS Notification at Night – At Ubuy Nigeria, we know how your rest is important to the functionality of your work and so in order not to hinder you giving your customers your best, we will not be sending Short Message Service Notifications when your bid is being responded or you receive a bid at Night.

If you will like to stop the Short Message Service Notification for whatever reason, click on the chat icon at the bottom left on your device screen and simply text “DISABLE NOTIFICATION OF JOBS”. The SMS Notification will be disabled from your profile.


About Jeremiah Ajilore Jeremiah is the founder & CEO of UbuyNG, which he's been inspired since 2017 and working on since 2018. Always trying to impress his community, he's used UbuyNG to remodel his home office desk, home improvement and freelance task around him.


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