Whenever there’s an event, you know that an event planner is not far from the scene. Aside from their presence, there are certain skills an event planner should have.

If you want to be honest, event planning is one of the most stressful jobs in the world, and aside from the glam that comes with the profession, it is sometimes a handful.

Businesses spend roughly 24% of their marketing budget on events because they’re one of the most powerful marketing measures. So now you should know how important events are to a whole lot of persons.

Skills an event planner should have include:

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Quality event planners in Nigeria available at www.ubuy.ng
  • Team management: An event planner should be able to work with a team. he/she should be able to have good people skills so as to have a high-functioning team that can meet up deadlines and creates events to meet the taste of their customers.
  • Organization skills: Your ability to make a good scheduled list of actions to be done, the person in charge of actions, and also deadlines for when those actions should be done shows how organized you are and this skill goes a long way to make you a better event planner.
  • Good communication skills: communication goes a long way to maintain your team. Communication helps to get a better understanding of what your customer wants.
  • Networking skill: This is one of the skills event planners need to be successful. Networking entails knowing a lot of people who can help your craft better.

For example, you must know good caterers, photographers, videographers, makeup artists, and all the people you know your customers might need for a successful event.

  • Understanding of events: This actually is the first thing before you go into event planning.

you must know how to manage a budget, the different decoration styles to use for different events, and so on. If you are having an event, we advise you to supervise the happenings to avoid disappointments.

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