Being a freelancer can be enjoyable. You are your own boss, you can work from anywhere you like, call your own shots, make your own rules and no one pressure on you, but freelancing can be a challenging job also, especially when you don’t know the skills to become a smart freelancer.

That is what I plan to share with you in this article. Are you ready? Let’s get straight to it then.

BE FOCUSED: This has to be one of the most important steps if you want to become a smart freelancer. You cannot your customers’ projects/ tasks/ jobs, that they have trusted you with to fall through the set deadlines. It is totally up to you to make the decision to stay on top of everything.

You can prioritize, set daily goals, monthly goals, yearly goals, just set goals! It is a matter of finding what works best for you. Make a to-do-list, get sticky notes, or fine apps that aid goal setting.

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MANAGE YOUR FINANCES: The scariest part about working for yourself is managing the finances. You have to make sure you save enough to get the bills paid. Data, electricity, if you stay in Nigeria, you might want to add generator diesel or fuel. It is a struggle, especially when you still have to save enough to live a certain lifestyle, a comfortable one.

Not everyone likes discussing money, worst off, handling numbers, particularly if you are freelancing as a creative. However, to become a successful freelancer, you must firstly try to become a smart freelancer, and staying on top of your finances is key.

TRY WORKING BOTH OFFLINE AND ONLINE: If you are thinking a real freelancer can only work online, you are wrong. You can pitch what you do to people close to you, to tell their friends to tell their friends. Why? Because you can get some good experience from the local market.

To become a smart freelancer, you should have a good profile in the local market and on the internet also. You can earn money from offline customers as well as online customers. If you are wish to market your skills on the internet, you can try, its a great platform to start your freelance career.

Find fast and reliable freelancers on
Find fast and reliable freelancers on

LEARN THE ART OF SALES AND NEGOTIATION: To become a smart freelancer, you need to learn how to negotiate with your clients about your rates and earnings. Don’t make very low earning rates. Remember your expanses, so you have to give a charge that would not afford your business.

Everybody wants a better quality job than their competitive. You should not then accept low pay rates, but don’t make your rates too high. Don’t cheat your clients, try to match your price with what you will honestly offer.

If you are good at negotiation, you will get additional projects from your clients. Client satisfaction is vimportant and you should provide value-added service for your client. Value added services and additional services are not the same. So, you should clearly know the differences.

I hope you find this helpful as you continue your freelance journey to the top.

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