If you are yet to order for a swimming pool installation, I think you are the safest, but that does not mean the swimming pool is all-that dangerous, no, you just have to follow the rules on how to stay safe in the swimming pool.

Swimming is an activity that helps to burn a lot of calories, it also helps to build muscular strength and endurance aside from cooling and refreshing you.

Benefits of swimming

  • Builds cardiorespiratory fitness: in simple words, swimming helps your heart!
  • Burns calories: swimming helps you burn calories anywhere from 500-650 per hour depending on how efficiently you swim.
  • Stress relief: whether you swim fast or at a slow pace, swimming helps you reduce stress and provide calm.
  • Mood and confidence: The feel-good endorphins released during water exercise or swimming, goes a long way to improve your mood.
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Bear with us!

Now that you know how important swimming is, let’s get straight into it.


  • Don’t pee in the pool: I have to mention this one, whether you admit to it or not. Peeing in the pool is not only disgusting but mixing chlorine and uric acid (a compound found in urine) that can cause respiratory problems, as well as burning of the skin or eyes.
  • Don’t swim alone: Yeah, you definitely heard right, it’s not advisable to swim alone. Here’s why even if you are a good swimmer.  You may accidentally bump your head, get your hair trapped in a vent, or even pass out due to exhaustion.  
  • Don’t bring glass to the pool: Bringing glassware into the pool area seems harmless, but if you drop your cup and it shatters, you then have broken glass on your pool deck.  Most people run around barefoot around the pool, so use plastic cups instead.

With this information, I feel it’s safe for you to go on with your swimming pool installation. A swimming pool is great to have in the house, so long as it does not end up bring pain instead of leisure.

If you are ready to get a pool, or you need a professional to help you with your swimming pool installation, we will be glad to help.


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