As a freelancer or artisan that is looking to succeed, you should already know that a good customer relationship is a key to profit. To help you maximize that, here are the 4 types of customers every business owner must meet.


Knowledge of the 4 types of customers helps you to know how to handle and place customers that you meet doing business.

You should learn who they are, what they want, and how to respond to their individual needs because this knowledge is what builds good customer relationship(s).


There are 5 types of customers, but for the sake of this article, you will learn about the 4 most important customers you should pay attention to.

The 4 types of customers (

LOYAL CUSTOMERS: If you have a customer that frequents your business regularly, almost as though they are home, that person is a loyal customer.

Your loyal customers are satisfied customers that keep on returning to your business or brand.

You need to communicate with these customers regularly. Give discounts, even coupons to them.

They have made your brand their go-to because they trust you, and you should know also, loyal customers bring the most profit.

DISCOUNT CUSTOMERS: You can get these customers easily. All you have to do is offer a discount!

Your business can benefit greatly from discount customers, let me tell you how.

You can use discount customers during campaigns and promotions to create awareness since they do not bring much profit to the business.

You should only target these customers as long as you are active or in discount seasons.

IMPULSE CUSTOMERS: You should be aware that an impulse customer does not have a particular item in mind to buy.

They can, and most likely, will buy what seems good to them. These customers have a probability of being high-paying customers.

You can sell your brand to this kind of customer. If you have good customer relations, assisting impulse customers should convert easily for you.

They are also more likely to help you understand the market with a significant amount of customer insight.

WANDERING CUSTOMERS: This type of customers generate the largest traffic, while, at the same time, the smallest percentage of sales.

You must have encountered at least one of them. They come to you mostly for inquiries or price quotations.

You advised me to not really spend so much time attending to them because they hardly make purchases.

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