Painting the exterior of your home isn’t a job that you can wake up, get a ladder and a brush, and start painting. This is one of those things that you plan for, that’s why this article is going to tell you the best time to paint your house.

Did you know that exterior paint jobs happen only during the dry season? This is kind of basic because I know you won’t go out to paint when it’s raining, besides, how is the paint going to dry?

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How many days does it take to paint my exterior?

Depending on the size of your house and the colors you plan to mix up to brighten your place, a standard exterior painting job should not take up to 5 days.

The time frame would consist of cleaning and preparation, of the apartment, then it followed by painting. When all that is done, there is a preparation period for you to fully settle in.

Right weather to paint.

In order for your paint job to come out perfect, the weather has to play its part. This is because the paint needs to dry, and this is directly associated with the weather conditions.

You have to choose a time that gives you warm, dry days. I advise you to pay attention to weather reports before and after your painting day. For your project to be perfect, it needs to fully dry, this why you don’t need the rain.

Find painters anywhere in Nigeria
Find painters anywhere in Nigeria, HERE!

Knowing the Best time to paint your house.

Knowing the best time to paint your house helps you avoid all sorts of hindrances that would make your job look unprofessional. Here are the things you look out for when you start to paint.

If you look out for these conditions properly, then you can go ahead because that is the best time to paint your house.

Avoid Rain: Avoid rainy days completely. Always make sure all the surfaces you are planning to paint are completely dry.

Observe Temperature: You should know also, that as much as you want to avoid the rain, some days as well, can be considered too hot for painting. Extreme heat can cause problems with how the paint dry.

Since your paint will still be drying, you have to ensure the conditions are compatible.

The type and brand of paint you plan to use matter. Since paints are of different brands, you have to be certain about the weather conditions that are suitable for painting.

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