There are a couple of documents you need as a business owner to run a business in Nigeria.

If you plan to start a business or even invest in one, you should own or ask for these documents, it is very important you do.

This article will help you with a list of documents you need to start a business in Nigeria so as to avoid trouble from the law enforcement agencies or worse.

Documents you need to start a business in Nigeria

  • Business plan: You may want to ask what a business plan is, check here for help, and just because people with great ideas always find a hard time writing a business plan, you can check here for professional help. Although this is not a legal document, this is very crucial to give your business a good vision to build on.
  • CAC registration: Like it or not, for your business to exist as a serious entity, you must register it with the cooperate affairs cooperation (CAC).

before you ask, yes! there are questions and things they would need from you before you get your registration number. If you must operate as a business in Nigeria, you need this document.

  • Tax registration: Your next step will be a trip to the federal inland revenue service (FIRS) for your tax identification number. why? The legal part of your registration is not complete without your tax identification number.

You can find all you need to know about (TIN) here, and if you need a lawyer to feel safe, check here.

  • Necessary permits: You have done every other thing, from the C.A.C and also gotten your T.I.N (tax identification number) and you’ve set up your office space, and you find out you need some necessary permits.

Like in the medical field, like pharmacy, even after you have your legal documents, you still need a permit to operate as a pharmacist, right? exactly!

Though other permits may be asked, it is necessary for you to know that this will come, and since you know all this, if you ever need any help with legal issues, ubuyNG is the best place to find legal professionals to make your process easy.


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