“Brands that ignore social media..will die. It’s that simple!” – Jeff Ragovin

So you’ve opened this blog post and the first thing you’re seeing is that quote above. Whoop! Quite harsh right? Well, Yes. That is because it is what it is. Neglect social media and be ready to eat crumbs while your competitors are feasting. Social media comprises internet-based technologies which enhance the creation and sharing of ideas, interests, content, information and thoughts among individuals and companies via digital communities and networks. Various social media networks include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat

Social Media Platforms

For over a decade now, social media has revolutionized how industries work, market and implement sales. Today, social media has become a very major focus for start-ups, playing a pivotal role in the success and longevity of these businesses. This article takes you through the major ways social media can benefit a start-up.


Before the rise of social media, start-ups used to rely on word of the mouth advertising strategy to create awareness for their business. They would rely on handbills and posters to create awareness for their business. And while feeling so accomplished doing this, they fail to realize that they’ve reached only a handful of their audience. Thanks to social media, start-ups are now beginning to realize the enormous benefits of social media to increase awareness of their business. Facebook alone has over 2.6 billion monthly users. And thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook doesn’t have any location boundaries. Meaning, a single post could reach over half of that billion users.


One enormous and probably the most important benefit of social media to a startup is the immense benefits it offers in the areas of marketing. Do you know with a good social media marketing strategy, you could rank higher than your competitors within a few months of starting up your business? This may sound funny but is actually true.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook alone offers enormous possibilities for businesses to reach their target audience via running Facebook ads. With Facebook ads alone, you can increase your brand awareness, get more traffic to your site, get more app installs for your app, get more sales for your e-commerce store and get more people messaging and calling you daily for your business. The opportunities are endless.

The icing on the cake is that apart from giving you the opportunity to laser target your audience, social media marketing is also cheap compared to offline marketing and the results are more valuable when compared to offline marketing.

Research and Building Relationships

Social media is a good way to start when trying to learn about your customers and build relationships. You can get to know what your customers like and what they don’t. You can also collaborate with brands within your niche in order to reach a wider audience.

Social Media helps you learn about your customers and build better relationships

A good way to do customer research is to use polls to pull out ideas about your business from your customers. You can ask questions and put up various options that your customers choose from. With this, you can begin to learn more about your customers.

Apart from customer research, social media offers another excellent opportunity for market research. For example, the “insights” tab on Instagram business profiles can make you know what posts your audience engage more in. Facebook also offers the same. Amazingly, you can also study your competitors with social media and use their analysis to build your own brand.


Though three major benefits have been explicitly discussed in this article, social media offers so much more opportunity to start-ups. In fact, the opportunities are endless. From brand awareness to marketing and getting sales, social media has a role to play in every process of the sales funnel. To fully harness the enormous potentials of social media to your start-up, you should hire a professional social media marketer to get your social media marketing strategy in the best way possible for your business.


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