Do you ever feel like you work hard, go above and beyond but still aren’t getting the recognition you deserve? Rates and reviews are nice but do you still feel like you need more?

Now, with Ubuy Services, you can get the recognition you truly deserve. The Ubuy Pro Tags are created and designed to highlight your proven ability, skills, and competence.

At Ubuy Services, we recognize professionals who go the extra mile.

Ubuy Pro Tags is our latest feature, making it easier for pros to be recognized for their efforts and hard work. While highlighting hard-working pros, the badge is also intended to motivate newer or younger professionals on Ubuy Services.

Freelancing in Nigeria is believed to have increased by more than 12% in the past few years. In such a dynamic and competitive space, it is important for freelancers to continuously improve themselves and their skills to keep up and stand out from the rest. That is why the Pro Tags are such a good idea.

We understand the importance of hard work and improvement and are constantly looking for new ways to ensure you have an enjoyable experience with Ubuy Services.

We have made it easier for professionals and artisans in whatever industry to be recognized and stand out by creating a way where the pros don’t have to do the talking, their hard work and expertise do all of that through the Pro Tags.

The Ubuy Services Pro Tags show clients that you have a proven track record of excellent work, which may improve your chances of getting invited to an interview.

How will the Pro Tags benefit freelancers?        

  • The Pro Tags will always be displayed on your profile and on jobs you have done so clients and customers can see them.
  • Makes you unique and stand out from the crowd when pros in your category are being searched.
  • You will be treated like a VIP when you call or need our support team.
  • And for the confam pro, you will have access to a talent manager who will match you with the right audience based on your strengths.

How to earn a Pro Tag?

  • Must have a track record of high-quality work with a range of clients.
  • Have a complete and current freelancer profile.
  • Must have high ratings and reviews on jobs completed on Ubuy Services.
  • Must follow Ubuy services community guidelines and terms of use.

To learn more about the Ubuy Pro Tags, visit our website at


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