As the gig economy is taking over rapidly, freelancers are playing big roles in the growth of businesses globally. However, freelancers are different in culture, style, and background, so, they employ their skills differently to deliver jobs. So, to get started, there are things you need to ask, before hiring a freelancer.

But now, how do you know you’re hiring the best freelancer?

Today, not only is it possible to hire a freelance writer, web developer, or designer in Nigeria. But, UbuyNG has made hiring local professional artisans a lot easier.

How to Hire the best Freelancer

Some people may judge the quality of freelancers by how high or how low they charge or the list of their skills and expertise. That is important but shouldn’t be the only factor to consider.

Before hiring freelancers for your next project, you must follow vital steps to research their inner abilities to ensure they’re fit for the intended task or project.

Below is a quick guide on what you should ask of a freelancer before hiring him.

Things to Look Out for Before Hiring a Freelancer

  1. Ask for their portfolio
  2. Freelancer’s rate meets your budget
  3. Freelancer has good communication skills

1. Ask for Their Portfolio

Going through their portfolio is the first thing to do after seeing their bio. Freelancers are good at capturing clients’ attention with their profile and chances are, the urge to hire a freelancer after 1-2 minutes into their profile may increase.

Don’t be in a hurry. Check their portfolio of work.

If it’s not part of their profile, request for it. The portfolio proves whether or not what you read earlier in the bio is true or not. It records the freelancers’ experience, consistency, and as well, expertise in the niche.

After this assessment, you’ll decide who can perfectly handle and deliver the task or project you have at hand. But then, that’s not all you’ll need to decide, be sure the freelancer meets the next requirement.

2. Freelancer’s Rate Meets Your Budget

Freelancers on Ubuy NG charge different rates. So you have the opportunity to work with a freelancer that suits your budget.

However, your budget also determines the quality of freelancers you’ll hire. But does not justify that because a freelancer’s rate is low, the service delivered will be poor in return. No.

Freelancers with rich experience in a particular field tend to charge more than the starters do. And the newbies consequently increase their rate as they grow in expertise.

Regardless, the services these freelancers deliver are your money’s worth.

3. The Freelancer should have Good Communication Skills

It is one thing to see and hire a superb freelancer, and another to find one with fitting communication skills.

Will he consider your view of things and put them the way you want?

Often, Communication is the most important but the least valued skill. Before you hire a freelancer, watch their; response time, language, opinion on your view of things, and so on. These will highlight whether or not they’re fit for the task.

Red flags like long response times in emails, texts, or returned calls aren’t healthy for projects with short deadlines.

However, freelancers on Ubuyng are allowed to communicate with their clients on the platform to reduce the problem of poor communication.

Being a good communicator, proactive, and understanding shows the freelancer can do everything possible to deliver quality work.

Over to You

Whenever you’re to choose from a pool of professional freelancers, be sure to follow the stated processes before getting on to assign projects. Not everyone indeed has it all, but it’s not a reason to hire wrong.

Checking these steps off your list will help you to utilize planned resources appropriately.

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