Hiring artisans in Nigeria can come with a lot of stress, especially when you fall into the wrong hands. Anyone who has ever found themselves at the center of a disagreement will admit to needing the tips to ensure that your artisan does not disappoint.

From doing the job with low-quality materials to running away with deposits, not completing the job, or doing something clearly different from your initial description, finding an artisan you can trust is hard.

However, if the blame is continuously heaped on the artisans, it is tempting to ask the obvious question, How can I ensure that the artisan does not disappoint?

Because believe it or not, you have a part to play. I will answer your question, read this article to learn the tips to ensure your artisan does not disappoint.

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Tips to ensure your artisan does not disappoint:

Don’t give a project based on Sentiment: it’s funny how the ones you know are the ones that hurt you the most. Have you wondered why? Sincerely, it’s hard to work with someone who is of the opinion that they can get away with disappointing you.

You should know the line between a friendly request and a favour, as long as you are paying for service, make sure you draw the line from the very beginning. This is most times the best way to ensure your artisan does not disappoint.

Using the part-payment method: The best way to work with artisans, especially in Nigeria, is to use the part-payment method. This is a process where you give a small amount of the initial agreed payment, then after your task is completed, the balance is paid to the artisan.

It is worthy to pen down the fact that customers use this as a ploy to not commit to their full responsibility of paying the due wages your artisan deserves, don’t be that customer, if you are sure you won’t do that, use this method to get the commitment the service you are paying for deserves.

Third-party works fine too: If you find an artisan that has agreed to work with your part-payment method, you can find a trusted third-party to act as a middleman and ensure that the artisan does not disappoint, and you complete your side of the bargain too.

There are companies that specialize in the service, they provide you with trusted artisans, and act as third parties to ensure that both the customer and artisan are satisfied. You can use them to avoid drama.

Checking reviews and checking customers: You might say that it isn’t right to judge a book by its cover and you would like to work with the artisan to know for sure that the reviews about his work are true, please don’t. I’ll tell you why.

When you read a review where the majority of the comments talk negatively about the work of the artisan, it is likely to be true, with this being said, I wish you luck in making sure you don’t repeat the mistake I just warned you about.

Use this new pair of eyes cautiously as you go on to assign your projects. If you are in need of a professional, we could help you get an artisan that we ensure won’t disappoint you.

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