Do you need help with tasks or workers for a temporary project? Nowadays, you will most likely search online for qualified professionals.

And for freelancers, marketplaces have opened up more options for them to operate as solo small enterprises and have even become a good tool for them to market their talents.

We have put together a few websites where you can find skilled professionals to assist with projects in Nigeria.

Ubuy services: ubuy services is Nigeria’s largest professional service marketplace. Ubuy provides a platform that connects customers with professional freelancers and artisans nationwide.

Top 5 Freelance Sites & Marketplace For Pros and Jobs In Nigeria - 2022

With over 300 categories of services, ubuy has created an avenue for individuals in need of professional services in Nigeria to gain access to our wide pool of professionals. Ubuy is also devoted to making life stress-free for both the customers and the freelancers through the comfort, ease, and security of the platform.

The platform offers small businesses and individuals unique and affordable pricing for services such as; cleaning services, event services, health care, tutor, writing, and even legal services, to mention but a few.  

Top 5 Freelance Sites & Marketplace For Pros and Jobs In Nigeria - 2022
  • Findworka; which was launched in May of 2016 is an online marketplace for digital services and gigs. Customers can find and connect with a wide range of freelance experts in Africa. They operate in an affordable, secure and timely manner.
  • Justfrom5k; this is a Nigerian freelance platform that connects people who have tasks, errands, and projects to freelancers. Just as the name implies, you can get a professional for as low as 5,000 naira.
  •; is an outsourcing platform designed to bring individuals and companies in contact with professional service providers from different fields. Each user of the alance platform has to be a secure profile that will enable them to bid for tasks.
  • Jolancer; jolancer is an online marketplace where skilled Nigerian and African freelancers can register for and bid for tasks within their expertise. They bridge the gap between freelancers and project owners who need to get tasks done at a cheap rate.

Whether you’re a graphic artist, writer, college student, working full-time, or looking for a side hustle, there is a freelance platform for you. Signup on any of the platforms listed above to begin your journey.

Also, if you are an individual, small company, or a large one in need of some extra assistance for any projects, these platforms will help you get the job done faster.

Top 5 Freelance Sites & Marketplace For Pros and Jobs In Nigeria - 2022

Get paid providing your services to customers looking for professionals like you for their tasks on Ubuy Services marketplace all around nigeria. 

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