What is Ubuy Nigeria?

Ubuy Nigeria is one of Nigeria’s fast-growing tech startup that provides an online marketplace where customers can find, compare and hire local service providers within their location and beyond. Ubuy Nigeria makes the process of hiring service providers easier, safer and more affordable for business and individuals. Our mission is to provide and maintain a platform that for local service providers that gives them utmost accessibility and visibility to their potential customers and also making the process of hiring them easier and seamless for the customers.

How Big is the Opportunity?

With the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria, most working-class citizens have had to rely on their skills to create jobs for themselves. Now, with the global acceptance of the internet, people spend more time online searching for service providers yet existing local service marketplaces serve either just a limited niche of services or only provide consumers with reviews or wanted ads.

How do we Solve the Problem?

Quality Product: Ubuy Nigeria has created a platform that connects these service providers to their customers. The platform offers customers an easy reach to almost any type of service provider they need and they are connected to them in real-time. The platform is also location-based so customers and service providers can easily reach each other without location barriers.

Trust and Safety: We know how trust and safety is important when you have people coming into your home to fix one problem or the other or trusting people with your business, Ubuy Nigeria aims to provide a secured marketplace by going the extra mile to vet each service provider very well by offering National identity check, customer testimonial and reviews amongst other security measures.

Offline Option: We provide an offline option to certain artisans who are not technology savvy and needs help reaching out to their customers. To also ensure that our pros get offline notifications via SMS so our customers can get connected in real-time without any hassle.


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