About Me and the service I render
My name is Khadijah. I am a law student and content writer. In 2019, I had just finished my final exams in the University and I was thinking of how I could earn good money doing what I love the most – writing. So, I picked my phone and was surfing the web, looking for writing jobs then I came across ubuy.ng on Instagram. At first, I was quite skeptical mainly because I know how difficult it is to get accepted in freelancing sites as a professional. In the past, I had applied for a lot and got cut out because I didn’t meet their criteria but as I read more about ubuy.ng, I got more excited because I realized that the platform was indigenous and would be very favourable for me as a Nigerian, unlike the previous Non-Nigerian freelance sites I have been applying for. I registered on the platform as a pro, filling all the necessary details and uploading all the required extra details. I also discovered that ubuy.ng provides so many job opportunities for other freelancers and not just writers. The registration was so simple and straight forward; I finished in a jiffy and got verified.

The fact that ubuy.ng is such a professional platform, in the sense that there are so many writers bidding for the same job offer, I have been able to put my priorities straight. Because I want the job just as much as they do, I am more focused in my writing job because the main goal of being a successful freelancer is to ensure that you have a happy client in the end.

Why I feel ubuy.ng is different from other freelance sites
I feel I have been able to relate with ubuy.ng better than other freelancing platforms because they are more accessible and they provide more job opportunities. Depending on what kind of professional service you offer, they have a space for everyone. They have an amazing customer care service. Ubuy.ng is a platform where young writers like me and freelancers generally can really relate to. No one here looks at your age, to be honest, it doesn’t really matter. What matters here is how well can you deliver.

My first gig on ubuy.ng
My First job came more as a surprise. I had just lost a bid earlier that week when I got a text message and an email from ubuy.ng that my services were needed. I logged into my profile and I made another bid. An hour later, I got a response from my client. It was really quick. The article was easy and quite straightforward. When I told him of the deadline the article was going to be completed, I expected him to complain or insist I push the day forward. But that didn’t happen. I had enough time to focus on the article and in the end, I submitted it earlier than expected. The customer was very impressed with my work and he rated me good. I got my payment later on.

To other Freelancers
Though the freelancing world is competitive, what makes you different and stand out is your ability to deliver well and how well you are attentive to your client needs. Never forget, freelancing is a partnership. If you know you can’t deliver what your client asked for, there is no point bidding for it. If you know, you do not possess the skill required for that project, don’t bid.

I will recommend ubuy.ng to every service provider in Nigeria
ubuy.ng is a platform I would advise any freelancer to join because; they are built on trust and hard work. These are the things they look out for as well. ubuy.ng is open to every freelancer no matter who you are or where you are from. As long as you determined to excel as a freelance, ubuy.ng is definitely the place for you.


Crazy things about Sagittarius ladies are - They are night crawlers, Rebels at heart, Top-of-the-lung singers, Good side kicks....I know, this should have nothing to do with my bio at this point but just because I love writing and I can write...lol. Amara Cajetan is the Lead, Digital Marketer at ubuy.ng and a Copywriter. She is also a lifestyle blogger.


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