Ubuy Nigeria (Ubuy NG) is Nigeria’s premier online service marketplace where skilled professionals meet with customers in need of their services across the country. It is a platform that caters to your needs, either a customer or a professional, or both. You can alternate between both categories with a simple click to fit your need(s).

UbuyNG is a Nigerian initiative where the experience is tailored to the local need and practice. All professionals are required to go through a thorough and detailed verification process before they can offer their services.

As a Nigerian-owned and operated company with its headquarters in Abuja, Ubuy NG’s services span the entire country (in all 36 states) and it is not limited to online services.

Ubuy NG has uniquely bridged the divide between remote services and on-site work in Nigeria, which is an underserved industry, especially within online marketplaces. Its offline services are a staple feature because of the high demand for such services that cannot be rendered remotely like tailoring, plumbing, cosmetic and make-up services, and in-person guitar lessons! Never before have people with such hands-on skills been included in the online marketing space in Nigeria.

Ubuy NG platform (web and mobile app) is easy to use, as the customer simply posts tasks and professionals compete using bids. The customer does not spend time searching for a suitable professional through the vast library of professionals, rather the professionals come to him/her.

To prevent lapses, Ubuy NG has placed a simple yet innovative measure to inform professionals of potential jobs with 2 proven communication tools in Nigeria; email, and SMS.

The Ubuy NG experience is all-inclusive for all kinds of services (remote and on-site) within the country.

To get started, log on to ubuy.ng. You’ll be happy you did!


About Jeremiah Ajilore Jeremiah is the founder & CEO of UbuyNG, which he's been inspired since 2017 and working on since 2018. Always trying to impress his community, he's used UbuyNG to remodel his home office desk, home improvement and freelance task around him.


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