In the world today, with the rapid growth of interfaces, the importance of a friendly UI-UX design cannot be overemphasized. Before we delve into how beneficial a friendly UI-UX design is to your website and application, let us find out the meaning of UI and UX.


UI stands for User Interface. The UI is the part of an application or website a user communicates and interacts with. There are different types of User Interfaces; Graphic User Interface (GUI), Menu-driven Interface, Form-based Interface, Command Line Interface (CLI), Voice User Interface (VUI), Natural Language User Interface and Touch Interface.


UX means User Experience. This is the overall experience a person gets when interacting with an Application or Website.

What is the Connection Between UI and UX?

UI being the interface and UX the experience, great user experience depends on a great user interface design. A poorly built User Interface makes the use of an app or website a terrible experience.

Some of the importance of a friendly UI-UX design includes;

  • UI design gives a better UX which results in more traffic that amounts to more sales.
  • A friendly UX keeps your audience loyal to your brand or product.
  • Good UI helps you track engagement and interaction on your application and website.
  • Research has proven that the attention span of a normal human being is extremely short. So, if your UI does not have the capability to keep a user interested in seconds, you are most likely to lose that user.
  • Great UI-UX design helps increase sales and growth of a business.

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