Social media is a powerful addition to any business marketing strategy and your handy skills are not left out. Be it plumbing, tailoring, hairdressing, electrical, gardening, repairs or any other handy skill you have acquired, social media can play a big role in helping you meet your target audience in no time.

Now, using social media effectively to promote your handy skills requires research, planning and dedication. If you have never had to use social channels to promote your skills before, it may come off a bit overwhelming but this is why we are here to help.

In this article, we will share with you how you can effectively use social media to gain customers for your business as a handy individual.

Just as with marketing strategy for any other business, you must take your time in doing your market research so you know the areas you have to focus your energy in carrying out your promotions on social media. First, you have to know what social media platform best has the majority of your target audience then, what type of content would keep your audience engaged and come calling for your service. Stick to not more than two social media platforms that seem to be the best fit for your service. You are advised not to go beyond two for a start because you might likely get overwhelmed finding time to tend to all.

Now that you are done with your research and you’ve picked out the best social media platform(s) for you, the next step is planning. What are your objectives for using social media what do you aim to achieve and then, how do you want to achieve that? Decide on the content you intend to push out on your social media feeds considering what would keep your audience engaged. Engaging content would help you grow your followers because people want to see what interests and benefits them. Re-posting other people’s content is fine to an extent, but original content yields the best results.

This is the final step and somewhat the most important step. Your time is highly needed to get the best of your social media channels. You have to dedicate your time in other to run your social media channels effectively. Set aside the same time each day to monitor and engage in social media. Take 30-60 minutes at the start of each day to log into your social media platforms. Notice how followers are reacting to your posts and look for opportunities to grow your follower list or add value by commenting or taking part in group discussions. Consistency is key in social media marketing so, you have to be consistent to see results for all the effort you will be throwing into your social media marketing.

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