Aside from the price of a commodity or service, there are a lot of things that customers bargain for. Do you want to know what customers bargain for? Read this article.

If you are a shop owner, artisan, or you offer freelance service, you should already know that they are several types of customers that need your skill daily.

Some come to you in need of a discount. Some might need you to deliver before the appropriate time, there are so many things that they can bargain for.

What do customers bargain for?

Product price: You should have meet customers that are concerned about the price of a commodity. You will discover that they rarely care about the value or the time delivered.

They will care more about the price for financial restraint rather than lack of taste or preference of value.

However, it is advised to always include discounts, promotions, and even coupons to your customers. It helps to grow your business and if used properly, can be a means of publicity.

Provision of service: The service you offer should be perfect. Aside from price, customers also want value, even customers that love discounts.

You should offer quality service if you want to maintain your customers because take it or leave it, customers would disappear if your service/products are substandard.

Performance and efficiency: Customers also bargain for a warranty. Like, how well the product will last and perform.

The performance of your product is something customers want to know and weigh to know if the price is worth the product/service.

Completion: while others are looking at price, some, quality, and warranty. Your customers may be cautious about the deadline of your service.

How well can you keep to time? This is what some customers care about. You can even charge extra for time.

What you should understand is, customers, pay for different things. Your ability to spot what a customer is barging for at a given period of time makes you a great business person.

It also helps you to be able to assure such customers, therefore, increasing their trust in you.

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