Portrait photography is about capturing a person’s essence, character, emotion, and expression.

Portrait photography is about capturing a person’s essence, character, emotion, and expression.

Taking amazing portrait photographs could seem complicated, but is surprisingly simple once you master a few tips and tricks. Below are some techniques that will help you achieve amazing portraits.

Hopefully, at the end of this you’ll be a lot more confident and excited about portrait photographs.

Let’s go!

  • Focus on the subject; since the subject is the most important aspect of a portrait, making the subject feel at ease is important for a good photography session. Most people feel uncomfortable having their pictures taken so taking some time out before the shoot begins to connect and get familiar with them, is always such a good idea. Because if the person being photographed is uncomfortable, it will show in the pictures.
  • Choose the best location; the location for your shoot is definitely going to affect the results you get. It could be indoors or outdoors. If you chose to shoot outdoors, you will need to consider things that may be beyond your control like weather, time of the day and the environment generally. It is much easier to be in control when shooting indoors, but indoors or outdoors, ensure that the background should be interesting but not distracting so it doesn’t distract a viewer from the subject of the portrait.
  • Getting the right pose; figuring out the right pose that will flatter your subject the most is a new challenge. To get the best pose that works best for your subject and your set up, you can try different poses and angles and pick the one you think fits best.

A helpful tip for getting poses right is to have already saved pictures of poses on your phone maybe and showing the model.  It makes the process a lot easier.

  • Take candid shots; Posed shots may appear stiff sometimes. Especially when working with children, posed pictures could appear unnatural or bland. Getting them to act natural or partake in usual activities can give you really wonderful images. Candid shots work amazingly well with children, but you can also try it with adults who seem uncomfortable.
  • Make use of props; using props in your portrait will add an interesting component to your shot; it tells a story and also has a way of making your subject feel at ease. Props can completely change the dynamic of your portrait so don’t be afraid to make use of them.

However, when making use of props, ensure they don’t overwhelm your subject or are too distracting that they take the attention away from your subject.

  • Take a series of shots; this helps you capture your subject in movement. Using the ‘burst’ mode on your camera is a great technique for you to use to achieve this. And when you’re done, you can either put them together or select one image with the best expression from the pictures.
  • Decide the best lens for your shot; the camera lens is the most important tool for any photography and although there is no such thing as the best lens, you have to pick a lens that you think will fit the scenario best.

You can play around with your lens and test them so you know which one you will want to work with before your shoot commences.

Also, you should note that the scene and background of the shoot will affect the lens you pick.

  • Experiment with lighting; lighting is important in all forms of photography and that’s why there are a lot of courses on lighting alone.

Lighting affects the mood of the shoot and in some cases adds some drama to the image.

In conclusion, portrait photography isn’t actually as difficult as it seems, if you can remember all or even a few of these tips, you will see how interesting and simple it could be. And, you should note that there is no such thing as a perfect portrait photograph. Portrait photography is a creative process to create captivating pictures that capture human expressions and emotions. Hence, all pictures will vary and be different.

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