From the planning stage to the execution stage of an event, say a tradeshow, wedding, birthday, thanksgiving, party, and so on, no matter how small or big, requires detailed planning and organization. However, no two events are the same; this is why the list of problems event planners solve is unending. And event planners knowing they’re natural problem solvers, work through several touch-points to prevent unforeseen mishaps and disappointments.

Thus, considering these factors affecting event management, you must always hire an event manager to handle your events.

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In this article, you’ll discover the current issues in events that event planners solve.

  1. Overspending
  2. Time management
  3. Planning for the expected
  4. Managing food allergies

1. Problem of Overspending

People without prior experience in event management overspend when organizing an event. They’d plan and spend on the go; estimate the price of things, and end up spending more than the planned budget.

A successful event takes a lot of planning process; to make sure all that needs to be done fits the allotted budget. A professional event planner will assess a client’s requests to see whether or not they will fit or affect the proposed budget of the event.

Because event planners know that prices will fluctuate, to solve this problem;

  • They get quotes directly from vendors
  • Develop a contingency plan if there’s a rise or fall.

So while they cut out unnecessary spending, they utilize available resources whether small, medium, or big to create a worthwhile event experience.

2. The problem of Time Management

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When the whole planning and management responsibility is on the host, they’d barely have time to focus because other aspects of the occasion need their attention.

Most times, the event is short planned and, you’d have to fix a lot of pieces together within a short may leave you weary and clueless.

For instance, in Nigeria, although there’s a shift these days. It’s common to have “planning committees” for wedding ceremonies. The goal is to reduce the couples’ responsibility to let them focus on other aspects of their occasion.

In this case, you can refer to the committee members as the event planners of that occasion. However, in recent years people are opting to use expert event planners for their ceremonies to solve problems such as this.

An experienced event manager works with a calendar that shows proposed jobs and deadlines. The calendar serves as a centralized structure that enables them to prioritize and deliver jobs perfectly.

For instance, it checks that duties of carrying out, setting up, and clearing off are assigned to team members accordingly pre-event date.

3. Planning for The Unexpected

This is another problem an event planner solves.

When it comes to hosting an event, there are unforeseen circumstances event planners prep for. For instance, you may have too many guests or unfavorable weather.

You can only get around these problems if you’re an experienced event planner.

A professional event planner considers every factor that may affect the event in one way or the other and creates a backup plan to curb it if need be.

For instance, to tackle the challenge of bad weather, an event planner may propose an indoor venue. Or if it’s best held outdoor, arrangements for umbrellas will be made.

4. The problem of Food Allergies

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No two invitees are the same. And chances are you may never think of their allergies and health issues owing to ignorance.

But left for event planners; they may decide to create a field in tickets for attendees to fill in their allergies. Or better still, place tags on food packs stating its contents to enable attendees to go for what’s healthy for their system.

Or, on a big-budget level, medical professionals can be invited to be on standby to handle emergencies.

Those are some of the problems event planners solve.

Overwhelming? You Should Breathe

Even planners are the auxiliary brains of their clients. They breathe life into clients’ visions and ideas.

So whether you’re a newbie that’s stuck in the corner or want to host an event sometime soon and you’re weighing the possibilities of trying it yourself with contracting a pro event planner, we hope you found this guide meets the need of your query.

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