Every Nigerian dreams of financial freedom. When you check the employment rate in the country, it will no longer surprise you why so many people are choosing to start a business.

Of course, starting a business is not at all easy as it sounds, you may have the problem of startup capital, think about pricing, what products sell fast in Nigeria, or find the process of getting all the essential documents too rigorous for your undertaking.

However, I advise you to always have a business consultant by your side, to help you in your endeavors, his/her presence makes the job easier, deciding how to start, and what strategy to use.

You may have so many ideas of products that sell fast in Nigeria, but I hope you know that an idea is not enough?

You have to check if it is feasible if it will last longer, and most importantly, if it will bring profit. So I made a list for you, here are the top 5 products that sell fast in Nigeria.

  • Phones and accessories: Nigerians use gadgets a lot. some spend so high just to maintain the status quo that they are in vogue, some do it to satisfy their nerdy cravings, but all we know is that Nigerians use gadgets and it sells so much it is our number one on our list.
  • Cosmetic Products: Women shop more than men if you doubt it, read here. The plus side is that you know that they care a whole lot about their appearance, so cosmetics is an evergreen market in Nigeria especially. All you have to do is have a good online strategy, good advertisement, good products, and prices, and you will never run out of business.
  • Hair wig/Extensions: New York Times did a post trying to explain why women compete with each other, all we know is that it is good for business, especially when you sell hair wigs/extensions. They always go wild for it, that’s why this product sells so much in Nigeria.
  • Fashion items: Do you know that one of the basic things that a human own is a piece of cloth? Clothing is something everyone buys. You might have doubt and say, ‘even if it is true, people buy cheaper clothes.’

I agree, so you should see the plus in that. if you sell clothes that are affordable, you will sell, even if you sell high-priced clothes, all you need are customers who like high-priced clothes so as to feel top of the societal ladder, and you will see how fast the product sells.

I hope this list helps you to grow that dream or idea into a money-making reality.

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