Do you have someone you want to surprise? Are you struggling with how to come up with the right surprise idea? Then this post, what to consider when you plan a surprise party, is for you.

The stress of coming up with surprise party ideas. So many things to consider. Like the budget, time, all that stuff.

Here is an article to help you solve all that thinking. wondering what to consider when you plan a surprise party? Read further.

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What to consider when you plan a surprise party.

Who are you planning the party for?

The best place to start planning your surprise party is to have knowledge of the person that you are planning the party for.

Know for sure what kind of person are they, understand their personality.

Personality traits are really useful in making sure your surprise has the effect you would love to see. It will help you with ideas on location ideas, colors, even food.

When are you throwing the party?

Even though it’s a surprise party, you still have to make sure that the party date is significant to the person you are celebrating.

You should know the plans of the person. Find out from their friends and family, heck, you can even plan with their friends and family.

What you don’t want is to get everything set up then find out they’re going away for the weekend.

Who should you invite?

Start with close friends first. Get them involved with the party plans as early as possible. Close friends will know your celebrant well and they’re more likely to keep your party a secret by encouraging others to keep it down.

When building a guest list, start with the close friends first, then build outwards. The smaller the party, the less likely someone is going to ruin the plan.

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