Asides from the Nigerian obsession with extra-income, which I understand come from the fact that most working Nigerians still don’t live well, even with the salary they are being paid.

Something that is in the mind of everybody is, ‘what can I invest in as a Nigerian?’

This article will answer your question. If you are a young school leaver or someone who also wants to earn more and grow your income, then you should consider the options I am about to show you.

  • TECHNOLOGY: Tech tops this list because if you look around you will see that the world has evolved from the traditional form of doing business to the internet, a more flexible and more efficient way of operating.

You may not see this yet, but if you give it time, Nigeria will have to leave the traditional model to the internet. When you want to invest in tech, you invest in yourself.

Learn things that will make you valuable for the change that is coming. The COVID-19 was an eye-opener, you may not have an interest in tech and that’s okay, but if you are, you should learn these skills and better yourself.

There is no better investment than in yourself after all, but if you like the traditional forms of investments, you will enjoy the next tip.

  • AGRICULTURE: Agriculture is one of the investments that can never run dry, why? because people must eat. If you want to invest in Agriculture, invest in other things like food transportation, because of the challenges of the roads in Nigerian, they make more money than actual farmers for their service.
  • REAL ESTATE: Real estate still remains undisputed even till tomorrow. Just as people must eat, people must live, so whats more profitable than land? For those who might not have enough funds to invest in this, when you do, please invest in real estate.
  • FGN SAVINGS BOND: If you are like me, you will not know what this is, so let me help you. You could read about it and choose if you want to invest here, it is very secured.
  • BUSINESS (LOGISTICS): If you are entrepreneur-minded, you would have noticed that transport business is in trend, people need delivery services and you have the power to make one.

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