Before you ask the question, where to find a french tutor? you would want to know why french is important to you. some people choose to learn french because it is spoken in many countries close to Nigeria.

Others enjoy exploring the cultural traditions of the french natives some simply want to be bilingual.

According to ABC News, French is the second most useful language in the business world. An average English speaker would be tempted to ask, is French easier to learn for an English speaker?

Yes! French is relatively easy to learn, it will take some time, and of course, effort, but it is safe to say, that it will not be too difficult, since French is closely related to English.

According to FSI, it will take an English speaker approximately 23-24 weeks or 515-600 hours of study to become proficient in the French language.

The French language has many benefits:

  • A language for higher education: Speaking French can open doors to French colleges and business schools.
  • Learning French makes other foreign languages easier to adapt to French is a good starting point to adapt to languages like Spanish, Portuguese, even Italian.

A French tutor in Nigeria could charge an average of 1000-20,000 NGN/hour depending on the tutoring brand you choose to use. If you choose to learn the French language, you don’t need to ask, where can I find a French tutor because we can connect you to professionals available here in Nigeria. Start this wonderful experience HERE.

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