There are so many things you may be tempted to add to your cv, you know, to impress whoever is hiring. Everyone believes they are the right ones for the job, but what stands you out is your C.V.

I can tell you where to find a professional C.V writer.

I can also tell you what not to add to your C.V so it will be professional.

  • Miscellaneous extra content: A lot of people feel the urge to beautify their C.V, you know, make it more attractive for the H.R (Human resource manager), but as I stated in the earlier point, the only thing the employer should look at on your C.V are your qualifications, so things like photographs, contacts of your references, (should be provided when asked for), non-business social media handles, and the use of niche-specific jargons should be highly avoided.
  • Unnecessary personal information: Your C.V is a document that should showcase the skills and achievements that make you a great employee in the eyes of the employer. Except is a life-changing moment that led you to your current life career path, it is not important to share this on the C.V, those things should be saved for the interview. information like age, tribe, religion, sometimes marital status, this information is unnecessary.
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  • Details about your hobbies and interests: Don’t get me wrong, your hobbies and interests matter. I mean aside from the job you have a life, right? can I ask you a question? Do those hobbies or interests fit into the jobs?

Let’s say you love research, and you are applying for a data analysis company, well done! you got that spot on. But if you know the hobby is just a hobby, let’s say essay writing, and it doesn’t help the company grow, please do not dwell much on it.

The C.V is an important document, that is why many look for where to find a professional C.V writer, but if you follow these guidelines, you will do fine too.


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