Yoga has many benefits, but before yoga was a popular physical exercise, it was for thousands of years, mainly a meditation practice. I can tell you where to find a yoga instructor but before then.

The art of being still and in total sync with yourself and your surrounding. Meditation should never be underplayed because solitude is an essential element to mental growth and self-discovery.

A well-balanced series of yoga exercises gives you the opportunity to scan your entire body, noting how you feel as you move through the poses. This is how yoga turns into physical exercises, into tools to help students become more mindful and even learn to meditate.

the benefits of yoga however are of immense importance to our well-being, so here are 5 benefits of yoga according to Netdoctor you should know about.

find yoga instructors in Nigeria at
find yoga instructors in Nigeria at
  • Build strength: A majority of people will prefer to believe that weight lifting at the gym, daily or weekly as the time may be, is the only way to build strength. However, weights are not the only way to workout. Yoga can help you stretch and tone body muscles.
  • Correct Posture: Yoga improves your posture, by making you walk taller and sit up straighter body pains can be caused by incorrect postures, and yoga can be of great help in fixing that.
  • Weight Loss: Daily yoga can also help restore the hormonal balance in your body which in turn normalizes body weight. You have tried teas, jogging, even walking, give yoga a chance!
yoga instructors in Nigeria on
yoga instructors in Nigeria on
  • Cultivate self-awareness: Daily yoga also strengthens the overall mind-body connection and helps you deal more effectively with unpleasant emotions as levels of cortisol will be lowered leading to less reaction.
  • Improve Concentration: During yoga, you are required to concentrate on your breathing. Taking calm breathes helps calm the mind and makes you mentally relaxed. Mediating for just a few minutes can result in better concentration especially during morning hours.

You can understand that yoga is very beneficial to our body, this is something you should and can try, and enjoy the benefits of yoga, if you are looking for how to get started, click here


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