If you are wondering where to find artisans, that’s not a problem, they can be found almost everywhere. The real problem starts when you have gotten sick of the issues that come attached with these handymen, you begin to wonder, where can I find an artisan you can trust in Nigeria?

Which artisan service are you looking for? And why are they so difficult to work with or trust?

An artisan is someone that works with hands to create unique, functional, and/or decorative items, handymen, and masters of the craft that we so need often. They include artists, performers, technicians, builders, even fields such as welding, boiler making, building, carpentry, painting, etc.

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It has become common to hear complaints about this particular set of workers, almost too common, that these craftsmen are renowned not just for their craft, but also for the high level of disappointment that comes with hiring them.

Today, where artisans are also referred to as handymen, or like we like to call it, ‘people with handwork,’ it is almost impossible to find an artisan you can trust in Nigeria, there must be a form of excuse or the other, most of which increase the already published profile that artisans are hard to trust.

Whether it’s a carpenter you are seeking to hire, painter, welder, or a fashion designer who promises you you express delivery, there is a sense of unprofessionalism that lingers in the air, and some manage to generate returning customers only when they exempt themselves from the common practices of the average Nigerian artisan.

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There are so many reasons why people don’t trust artisans, some of these reasons, as a matter of fact, is why we ask for a place where we can find artisans we can trust, so we can finally feel happy getting the satisfaction we truly deserve.

This article will expose you to the reasons why Artisans are rarely trusted, so you can read between the lines, and see the signs before you end up making a mistake by hiring the wrong person.

Reasons why artisans disappoint:

Taking excess jobs: Since they get gobs on rare occasions, artisans like to grab any available opportunity, as they say in Nigeria, 9ja no dey carry last, but this so-called winner mentality is that you end up having a whole lot of jobs that you cannot meet up with, which, in turn, leads to you disappointing your customers.

Manipulating their prices: Some artisans are hardly ever honest that they want to make a profit by hiking their prices so constantly that they lose their credibility in front of their customers. The irony here is, the artisan’s greatest selling point is trust, and just because some artisans feel like they have mastery over a craft that people will constantly need, they throw away the chance of converting returning customers.

Failure to meet deadlines: Nothing kills trust like the disappointment from not meeting a customer’s deadline. No amount of excuses, or even apologies can mend the damage it does to a customer-client relationship. Nigerians will agree that at least one, or more than, an artisan has breached this holy pact. From mechanics to tailors, even electricians with something as simple as the agreed time to come deliver your service.

For the sake of all the professionals out there doing a good job at the craft, and satisfying clients with the awesome work they do, this is a letdown. However, a spade should be called a spade, you agree, right?

Artisans might disappoint you if they are not properly supervised, so now, imagine if you could find a place where they supervised the artisan for you, and make him committed to the job by holding his payment till he is done?

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