Most people find it easy to talk to friends, family, even acquaintances, so why is public speaking a dreaded subject? People always ask where they can find public speaking classes, what are the benefits of being a good public speaker?

I made this article just for you, and in the course of this read, you will learn what you need to be a better public speaker, where to find public speaking classes, the types of public speaking, and how to get ready for your public when you are asked to speak.

Let’s get right to it, what is public speaking?

Public speaking is any presentation that is done in the presence of a live audience. The goal might have diverse forms, be it to educate, entertain, or even to persuade, but as long as you speak in front of a crowd, that is public speaking.

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Public speaking is a skill that you can learn, and it’s very beneficial. So you start by enrolling in public speaking classes and learn how to be confident when speaking in public.

The three basic types of public speaking:

There are three basic types of public speaking: Speaking to actuate, speaking to inform, and speaking to entertain.

  • Speaking to Inform simply entails a situation when the speaker presents facts to the audience or explaining how to go about something.
  • Speaking to actuate is when a speaker speaks to stimulate a feeling in the audience. it could be to inspire, motivate, persuade, and even influence the audience.
  • Speaking to entertain mostly happens in banquets, special events, and even comedy shows.

The best part is that speaking is a skill that has other benefits that can help you grow as an individual. I can’t list all of the benefits of being a good public speaker, what I can say is, Public speaking does not just make you a better speaker, it makes you an all-round leader who can command attention and get his message across to his listeners.

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Benefits of Public speaking

  • Overcome fear and anxiety: Ever head of stage fright? This happens because most people are afraid, and the major fear behind this is the fear of rejection. With the practice of public speaking, you can learn to overcome this fear and many others.
  • Develop confidence: The opposite of where is what? exactly! when you develop the courage of speaking in public, you end up being a confident individual.

How to give a good public speaking performance

  • Write a good speech.
  • Try to stir emotion
  • Grab the attention of the audience
  • Be confident

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