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What is counselling?

Counselling is a form of talk therapy that allows people to express challenging emotions in a safe and confidential environment.

Counselling helps to improve relationships, build confidence, overcome peer pressure, cope with stress, anxiety, and depression.

A lot of people have a misconception about counselling and hence it is surrounded by so much stigma. People don’t like the idea of vising a therapist or counsellor because they don’t want to be perceived as insane or psychotic.

Male mental health professional takes notes as he gives advice to a mid adult female patient.

Here are 5 reasons why we need counselling;

  • Counselling has been shown to be quite successful in assisting with a wide range of difficulties that most of us experience, including Relationship Challenges, Depression, Anxiety, and Stress because counseling aids the development of resilient coping strategies and empowers us.
  • Counselling gives you a safe space to say how you feel. When speaking with a counsellor, you are given the opportunity to express exactly how you feel without any interruptions or feeling like a burden. Counselors serve as a support system, allowing you to express yourself in any way you require in order to recover.
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  • Counsellors provide clarity and explanations for your emotions. No matter how unreasonable you think your emotions and feelings are, a counsellor helps you understand that your feelings are always valid. That’s why it is always best to speak with a professional.
  • Counsellors are able to analyze situations and provide answers for them. Counsellors go through many years of education trying to understand human behavior and situations so you best believe that no matter what you feel or whatever your situation is, counsellors understand it and will provide answers to what and why you feel the way you do.
  • And lastly, you should know that counsellors genuinely care about you and your well being. It can be quite tough to open up to strangers about your personal problems and challenges especially when you think that “Other people are probably dealing with bigger issues”. Counsellors are available to assist you in whatever way you require and, more importantly, they are completely committed to assisting you in bettering yourself.

It is important for us to understand that there is absolutely no shame in counselling and/or mental health therapy. As a matter of fact, they are beneficial to everyone. Everyone can benefit from some therapy to help them better their daily lives.

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